Mr. Ranjit Madan

Chief Executive Officer ranjit.madan@LSSSDC.IN

Mr. Anshul Saxena

Senior Director - Apprenticeship, Ecosystem Development, Stakeholder Management - Govt. & Industry. anshul.saxena@LSSSDC.IN9650433002

Mrs. (Dr.) Nivedita Murkute

Senior Director- Assessment, Accreditation & Certification Nivedita.murkute@LSSSDC.IN9999031093

Mrs. Shivi Chaudhary

Head (Dy Manager)- Standards & Learning Resources shivi.chaudhary@LSSSDC.IN9315747189

Ms. Ashima Kapur

Deputy Manager – HR & Administration secretariat@LSSSDC.IN8178203363

Mrs. Anjali Sharma

Deputy Manager – Project Operations Anjaly.sharma@LSSSDC.IN9873031445

Ms. Deepika Shrestha

Deputy Manager – Assessment, Accreditation and Certification deepika.shrestha@LSSSDC.IN9873713555

Ms. Kiran Bisht

Executive – Assessment, Accreditation and Certification Support.hq@LSSSDC.IN9953157568

Ms. Kiran Rawat

Executive – NAPS & BD

Mr. Aniruddha Hati

Cluster Head - East & North East Zone aniruddha@LSSSDC.IN9007614904

Mr. Ankit Rana

Cluster Head - North Zone clusterhead.north@LSSSDC.IN7011256943

Mr. (Dr.) Deepak Barot

Cluster Head - Central Zone (GJ, MP, RJ) bd_guj@LSSSDC.IN9687655734


Cluster Head - South Zone anshul.saxena@lsssdc.in9650433002


Cluster Head - West Zone (MH, GA, DD) bd_guj@LSSSDC.IN9687655734