List of Certified Trainers


S. No. Trainer Name Job Role Applicant ID 
1 Abdul Karim Lab Technician TR115742
2 Abdul Sattar Abdul Munaf Shah Medical Sales Representative TR82618
3 Abdur Rezzaque Medical Sales Representative TR113439
4 Abhishek Kumar Medical Sales Representative TR142177
5 Adinath Bade Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR144570
6 Adinath Bade Production Supervisor/ In Charge TR144570
7 Ajay Singh Bisht Quality Control Chemist TR137962
8 Ajay Singh Bisht Lab Technician TR137962
9 Ajeet Mhaske Medical Sales Representative TR82656
10 Ajoy Kundu Medical Sales Representative TR150537
11 Akasapu Jessica Krupa Lab Technician TR111269
12 Akasapu Luther Franklin Fry Medical Sales Representative TR111301
13 Akhila Krishnan Drug regulatory Affairs Chemist TR36914
14 Akhila Krishnan Quality Control Chemist TR36914
15 Akkiraju Sudheer Quality Control Chemist TR73257
16 Akkiraju Sudheer Lab Technician TR73257
17 Alla Tulasi Production/Machine Operator TR73335
18 Alok Kumar Kushwaha Medical Sales Representative TR51746
19 Amandeep Singh Lab Technician TR146928
20 Amit Kumar Singh Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR137966
21 Amreek Singh Quality Control Chemist TR138005
22 Amreek Singh Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR138005
23 Anubhav Saxena Medical Sales Representative TR137991
24 Anusree K.P Medical Sales Representative TR38888
25 Anusree K.P Telesales Executive TR38888
26 Arpit Srivastava Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR157420
27 Arpit Srivastava Medical Sales Representative TR157420
28 Arumalla Maheswara Reddy Quality Control Chemist TR86990
29 Arumalla Maheswara Reddy Lab Technician TR86990
30 Arumalla Maheswara Reddy Quality Assurance Chemist TR86990
31 B Bhanu Priya Maintenance Supervisor/In Charge HVAC TR110849
32 B Bhanu Priya Fitter Mechanical TR110849
33 Balijepalli Murali Krishna Quality Control Chemist TR73202
34 Balijepalli Murali Krishna Lab Technician TR73202
35 Banoth Rajkumar Naik Quality Management System In charge TR170237
36 Basil Paulose Maintenance Assistant  TR149267
37 Bathula Bhargavi Manufacturing Assistant TR73396
38 Bhajan Mondal Medical Sales Representative TR113430
39 Bhargavi Kandikanti Lab Technician TR55103
40 Bhavik Desai Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR144624
41 Bhupinder Kaur Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR170061
42 Bibhuti Bhusan Sethi Medical Sales Representative TR36831
43 Bikash Kumar Barik Medical Sales Representative TR113108
44 Binita Ghosh Medical Sales Representative TR150563
45 Bondapalli Sivaram Prasad Fitter Mechanical TR25005
46 Bondapalli Sivaram Prasad Manufacturing Assistant TR25005
47 Bulusu Venkata Laxmana Rao Manufacturing Assistant TR116847
48 Chandra Sekhara Rao Routu Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR26868
49 Chandra Sekhara Rao Routu Production/Machine Operator TR26868
50 Chandra Sekhara Rao Routu Fitter Mechanical TR26868
51 Chauhan Chaturbhai Medical Sales Representative TR73913
52 Chetan Diliprao Waghmare  Medical Sales Representative TR82643
53 Damarasingu Prasanth Quality Control Chemist TR73205
54 Damarasingu Prasanth Lab Technician TR73205
55 Dangarn Vinaben Goganbhai Medical Sales Representative TR82695
56 Debashis Das Medical Sales Representative TR36225
57 Debdali Mondal Packaging Assistant  TR156863
58 Deepak Kumar Quality Assurance Chemist TR144445
59 Deepak Kumar Quality Control Chemist TR144445
60 Dharam Pal Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR137974
61 Dilip Shivlingappa Bolshette  Medical Sales Representative TR35161
62 Dipankar Thakuria Lab Technician TR144571
63 Doppalapudi Ravi  Maintenance Supervisor/In Charge HVAC TR74309
64 Dr. Abhimanyu Prashar Scientific Medical Writer TR170065
65 Dr. Amit Kumar Scientific Medical Writer TR170064
66 Dr. Balraj Saini Quality Control Chemist TR5938
67 Dr. Deep Chandra Suyal Quality Control Biologist TR158998
68 Dr. Deep Chandra Suyal Lab Technician TR158998
69 Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Quality Control Biologist TR158822
70 Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Lab Technician TR158822
71 Dr. Manjinder Singh Quality Control Chemist TR170093
72 Dr. Mudasseer Ahamed Regulatory Medical Writer TR84055
73 Dr. Mudasseer Ahamed Medical Sales Representative TR84055
74 Dr. Mudasseer Ahamed Scientific Medical Writer  TR84055
75 Dr. Mudasseer Ahamed Clinical Research Associate TR84055
76 Dr. N Raghavendra Naveen  Quality Control Chemist TR73266
77 Dr. N Raghavendra Naveen  Lab Technician TR73266
78 Dr. Nasib Singh Quality Control Biologist TR133924
79 Dr. Nasib Singh Lab Technician TR133924
80 Dr. Shivali Singla Production/Machine Operator TR158962
81 Dr. Sidharth Mehan Scientific Medical Writer T-019FE9
82 Dr. Som Dutt Quality Control Biologist TR133942
83 Dr. Som Dutt Lab Technician TR133942
84 Dudhat Mayur Kumar Kalyanbhai Medical Sales Representative TR73848
85 E. Bhargav Quality Control Chemist TR73252
86 E. Bhargav Lab Technician TR73252
87 Enakshi Ghosh Store Assistant TR156870
88 Enayet Hossain Store Assistant TR77999
89 Eri Gireesh Kumar  Quality Control Chemist TR73247
90 Eri Gireesh Kumar  Lab Technician TR73247
91 Falguni Tandel Quality Control Chemist TR175549
92 G S Venkatesh Quality Assurance Chemist TR27549
93 G Teejadeepa Lab Technician TR111072
94 Gandreti Himabindu  Manufacturing Assistant TR25530
95 Gonela Kavitha Manufacturing Assistant TR84084 
96 Gottapu Bhaskara Rao  Fitter Mechanical TR111333
97 Guddi Meena Medical Sales Representative TR154939
98 Guntuku Jagadeeswararao Manufacturing Assistant TR24046 
99 Guntuku Jagadeeswararao Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR24046 
100 Harleen Kaur Store Assistant TR80453
101 Helenrose  Medical Sales Representative TR81441 
102 Hemant Tomar Quality Control Chemist TR138211
103 Hiteshkumar Shantilal Agrawal Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR132393
104 Hiteshkumar Shantilal Agrawal Medical Sales Representative TR132393
105 Indu Sharma Medical Sales Representative TR173132
106 Janita Chander Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR170181
107 K Aparna Lab Technician TR73729
108 K Aparna Quality Control Chemist TR73729
109 Kanthariya Mrugesh Jamnadas Medical Sales Representative TR73842
110 Katariya Vipulbhai Dulabhai Medical Sales Representative TR73850
111 Katta Raja Rajeswari Quality Control Chemist TR73206
112 Katta Raja Rajeswari Lab Technician TR73206
113 Ketan Shah Quality Control Chemist TR173041
114 Khwaja Javed Medical Sales Representative TR173086
115 Kishor Sudhakar Sakhare Medical Sales Representative TR82556
116 Kodi Kumar Fitter Mechanical TR111300
117 Korada Vasantha Laxmi Lab Technician TR25397
118 Korada Vasantha Laxmi Manufacturing Assistant TR25397
119 Kothuri Kiran Kumar Manufacturing Assistant TR84094 
120 Kothuri Kiran Kumar Production/Machine Operator TR84094 
121 Kothuri Kiran Kumar Quality Control Chemist TR84094 
122 Krishna Chand Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR137951
123 Lagudu Karuna Production/Machine Operator TR159096 
124 Lopamudra Shil Quality Assurance Chemist TR150538
125 Mahamad Afaque Ishak Shaikh  Medical Sales Representative TR49888
126 Mainak Kar Medical Sales Representative TR150366
127 Mangesh Shriram Kamdi Medical Sales Representative TR52011
128 Manish Chaube  Medical Sales Representative T-00F21D
129 Mary Evangeline Akasapu  Medical Sales Representative TR111241
130 Meesala Syamala Lab Technician TR73312 
131 Mohammad Arshad Mohammad Ayyub Medical Sales Representative TR84296
132 Monali Hiteshkumar Agrawal Lab Technician TR137960
133 Mungara Sanjay Medical Sales Representative TR82881
134 Mustkim Kazi Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR144545
135 Nagari Lakshmi Sagar Reddy  Quality Control Chemist TR84930
136 Nagari Lakshmi Sagar Reddy  Lab Technician TR84930
137 Nagari Lakshmi Sagar Reddy  Store Assistant TR84930
138 Nandkumar Shriniwas Kondekar  Medical Sales Representative TR39163
139 Nirmita Tiwari Medical Sales Representative TR85840 
140 Nischay Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR138045
141 Nitha Hemachandran Medical Sales Representative TR41198
142 Nitha Hemachandran Telesales Executive TR41198
143 Nithish Joseph Maintenance Assistant  TR149215
144 Onumu Sandeep Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR26793
145 Onumu Sandeep Production/Machine Operator TR26793
146 Padam Das Medical Sales Representative TR138036
147 Padmavathi Kannan  Medical Sales Representative TR111152
148 Palkar Rameshwar Manikrao Medical Sales Representative TR82567
149 Pandurang Ramchandra Tekale  Medical Sales Representative TR35139 
150 Pankaj Arvind Lokhande  Medical Sales Representative TR82646
151 Parmar Bhavika Medical Sales Representative TR12397
152 Parmar Dhirajbhai Parshotambhai Medical Sales Representative TR82847
153 Pathivada Vanitha  Fitter Mechanical TR25524
154 Peddinti Prasanna Kumar  Medical Sales Representative TR110157
155 Penki Swapna Production/Machine Operator TR73413
156 Piyush Kant Rai Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR157315
157 Pradeep Navaneetha Krishnan  Medical Sales Representative TR111162
158 Prasad Santosh Patil  Production/Machine Operator TR77836
159 Premananda Panda Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR137961
160 Pritam Banik Lab Technician TR150766
161 Priya Sopan Kare Store Assistant TR27243
162 Priyanka Ghosh Medical Sales Representative TR91515
163 Priyanka Rani Das Medical Sales Representative TR150564
164 Prosenjit Patra Medical Sales Representative TR150539
165 Puja Saha Lab Technician TR156772
166 Pvv Satyanarayanan Quality Control Chemist TR163775
167 R. Muthukumari  Medical Sales Representative TR82518
168 Rahul Shrivastava Quality Control Biologist TR161734
169 Rahul Shrivastava Lab Technician TR161734
170 Rajat Patra Lab Technician TR67213
171 Rajula Singewar Madhu Sudhan Manufacturing Assistant TR84064
172 Rambilli Kalyani Quality Control Chemist TR73208
173 Rambilli Kalyani Lab Technician TR73208
174 Ramdas Damre Quality Control Chemist TR77945
175 Ramdas Damre Lab Technician TR77945
176 Ramesh Chand Dhayal Medical Sales Representative TR49542
177 Ramkesh Bansiwal Lab Technician TR150763
178 Ranabir Debnath Medical Sales Representative TR150557
179 Ratish Medical Sales Representative TR137988
180 Reena Pankaj Bhoyar Medical Sales Representative TR143806
181 Richa Quality Control Chemist TR126948
182 Richa Lab Technician TR126948
183 Richa Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR126948
184 Ritika Puri QA Chemist- Equipment Validation TR170152
185 Rohan Kulkarni Quality Assurance Chemist TR144722
186 Rohan Kulkarni Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR144722
187 Rohidas Karbhari Pansare Production/Machine Operator TR32653
188 Rohidas Karbhari Pansare Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR32653
189 Rohidas Karbhari Pansare Manufacturing Assistant TR32653
190 Rupa Singha Medical Sales Representative TR150450
191 Rupali Thorat Quality Assurance Chemist TR144393
192 S.K.R. Prasad Medical Sales Representative TR83972 
193 S.K.R. Prasad Telesales Executive TR83972 
194 Sabu Mathew Maintenance Assistant  TR149199
195 Sabyasachi Roy Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR170265
196 Sabyasachi Roy Quality Management System In charge TR170265
197 Sakshi Mishra Medical Sales Representative TR149514
198 Sameer Suresh Nikam Quality Control Chemist TR41983
199 Sameer Suresh Nikam Lab Technician TR41983
200 Sandeep Pandey Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR144619
201 Sandeep Pandey Quality Assurance Chemist TR144619
202 Sandip Das Medical Sales Representative TR43759
203 Sayantan Das Medical Sales Representative TR156769
204 Shadab Husain Ashfaque Husain  Medical Sales Representative TR84272
205 Shilpi Singh Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR157364
206 Shilpi Singh Lab Technician TR157364
207 Shiva Sagar Medical Sales Representative TR157379
208 Shivam Kumar Medical Sales Representative T-00FA01
209 Shreyashi Sinha Production/Machine Operator TR142997
210 Shreyashi Sinha Lab Technician TR142997
211 Shreyashi Sinha Medical sales Representative TR142997
212 Shreyashi Sinha Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR142997
213 Shrikrushina Suresh Bhutekar Medical Sales Representative TR78813
214 Smg Ishrar  Quality Control Chemist TR73258
215 Smg Ishrar  Lab Technician TR73258
216 Smita Milind Bijagare Medical Sales Representative TR143741
217 Sofiur Rahaman Store Assistant TR112954
218 Sohini Paul Lab Technician TR74237
219 Sominath Ambadas Jadhav Medical Sales Representative TR82601
220 Sonam Quality Control Biologist TR161535
221 Sonam Lab Technician TR161535
222 Sourabh Singh Gour Lab Technician TR157313
223 Sudhakara Rao Asmath  Lab Technician TR111315
224 Sukhendu Chattopadhyay Medical Sales Representative TR150120
225 Sumana Soujanya Undeti  Lab Technician TR31031
226 Sunder Singh Medical Sales Representative TR149748
227 Suragala Rajitha  Production/Machine Operator TR73263
228 Sure Sathish Kumar  Quality Control Chemist TR73251
229 Sure Sathish Kumar  Lab Technician TR73251
230 Surisetti Chandramohan  Manufacturing Assistant TR25438
231 Sushilkumar Tarade Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR144514
232 Tata Venkata Jagannath  Telesales Executive TR111337
233 Thakrar Rajeshkumar Medical Sales Representative TR82848
234 Udatha Narasimhulu Quality Control Chemist TR73268
235 Udatha Narasimhulu Lab Technician TR73268
236 Ujjal Bori Medical Sales Representative TR148606
237 Umag B Acharya Medical Sales Representative TR72685
238 Vandana Sharma Packaging Assistant TR144523
239 Vandana Sharma Packaging Supervisor/Incharge TR144523
240 Vanshi Bhagat Medical Sales Representative TR142483
241 Vasant Tulshiram Kale Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR32629
242 Vasant Tulshiram Kale Production/Machine Operator TR32629
243 Vasant Tulshiram Kale Manufacturing Assistant TR32629
244 Vikas Baburao Yeole Medical Sales Representative TR78809
245 Vikas Gupta Quality Assurance Chemist TR144560
246 Vikas Gupta Drug regulatory Affairs Chemist TR144560
247 Vikas Joshi Medical Sales Representative TR98328 
248 Vikas Ravate Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR144527
249 Vikas Ravate Production Supervisor/ In Charge TR144527
250 Vishal Kushwaha Quality Control Chemist TR41988
251 Vishal Kushwaha Lab Technician TR41988
252 Vishal Shivaji Mangulkar  Medical Sales Representative TR82641
253 Vivek Agnihotri Quality Control Chemist-Microbiology TR157334
254 Vivek Asati QA Chemist- Equipment Validation TR170124
255 Vivek Shrivastava Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR173044
256 Wagh Amol Nayabrao  Medical Sales Representative TR82650
257 Yaghyesh Chaudhary Medical Sales Representative TR9211
258 Yammuru Pradeep Kumar  Quality Control Chemist TR73248
259 Yammuru Pradeep Kumar  Lab Technician TR73248
260 Yashjeet Sarkar Medical Sales Representative TR115341
261 Yogendra Mhaske Production/ Manufacturing Chemist TR144482
262 Yogendra Mhaske Production Supervisor/ In Charge TR144482