KBITS is a Society Registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960, sponsored, controlled and managed exclusively by the Department of Information Technology (IT), Biotechnology (BT) and Science and Technology (S&T), Government of Karnataka having selected fifteen academic institutes of higher learning across Karnataka to offer skill enhancing training programme in various domains areas of Life Sciences/Biotechnology relevant to the 36 different National Occupational Standards of Life Sciences/Biotechnology sector indentified by LSSSDC under “Biotechnology Skill Enhancement Progamme – BiSEP”.

LSSSDC has signed MoU and accredited 18 colleges associated with KBITS in Karnataka.

  • Discuss relevant for the betterment of life sciences/biotechnology sector and employment generation in the State of Karnataka and to facilitate to extend such discussions also with BiSEP host institutes.
  • Extend and exchange invitation to each other and also with BiSEP host institutes for attending scholarly and technical meetings as well as support organize national and international conferences where necessary.
  • Collaborate in the area of skill development to enhance industry participation required for meeting the objectives set out for BiSEP host institutions by KBITS.
  • In order to enhance the number of opportunities available to students of BiSEP for gaining hands-on experience, the two parties agree to collaborate to identify and implement short-term and long-term training programs either under BiSEP or any other programs/schemes on mutual agreement.