To catalyse skill development initiatives in Jharkhand that aim at empowering individuals by equipping them with industry-demanded skills leading to sustainable livelihood opportunities and economic growth of the state.


Increasing the capacity & capability of the system to deliver quality skill training and professional knowledge to the youth to enhance their employability and bridge the skill deficit with a view to meeting burgeoning market demand for skilled man power.

Objectives of JSDMS

(a) To increase the employability of the youth and empower them to take part in the economic growth of Jharkhand and thereby reduce unemployment, under-employment, poverty and socio-economic inequality.

(b) To provide skill development training to the youth of the State.

(c) To develop self-employment and entrepreneurial skills for youths of Jharkhand.

(d) To assist in creating an enabling environment to attract investment in professional and skill development sector.

(e) To assist the State Government in formulating appropriate policy, legislations and/or measures to fulfil the skill gap.

(f) To monitor the costs and quality of training imparted to produce targeted number of high quality skilled personnel across various strata of youth and workers, especially from amongst the disadvantaged sections of the society.

JSDM Website:https://www.skilljharkhand.org

JSDM Website:http://jsdm.jharkhand.gov.in/jsdm/cms/en/

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