Fresh Skilling

LSSSDC invites Life Sciences Industry players to contribute CSR funds in LSSSDC corpus to meet and fulfil CSR commitments under the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Act, 2013. This fund then will be utilized for various skill development projects for Life Sciences Sector.

The CSR funds provided by any company can be utilized in any of the following activities (or any other project which is mutually agreed between the contributing organisation and LSSSDC). Please share your preference from any of these:

  • Skill Training - Sponsor candidates for skilling programs of industry demanded job roles in operational areas/regions of company’s choice and in priority areas/sector. Option to co-brand Certi?cates with Corporate logo.
  • QP Development - Work directly with Sector Skill Councils to contribute to development of industry standards (including Transnational Standards) for designated job roles, under the National Skills Quali?cation Framework (NSQF).
  • Content Development- Development of National (and Transnational) Standard course content for participants and trainers for Skill Development Programs.
  • Infrastructure Support - Support existing programs through basic setup costs and equipment donation to offset training programs that are cost intensive.
  • Skill Gap Analysis- To carry out the in-depth skill gap analysis in the clusters of Industry
  • Developing Trainer and Assessor Pool- Develop high quality trained and certified trainers and assessors to support the Skill Development Programs.
  • Assessment and Certification for candidates of EWS segment.
  • Training Modules in VR– Industry can contribute funds for development of VR modules for various Job Roles.

For more details, please contact:
Mr. Anshul Saxena

Mobile : +91 9650433002
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Tel : +91 11 410142407 - 408 - 410