AR-VR Partners

Simulanis Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC) has joined hands with Simulanis Solutions Pvt. Ltd. as its technology Partner for development of innovative AR-VR infrastructure for skilling of students for jobs in manufacturing occupation.

Simulanis specialize in simulating immersive content for a wide range of industries, education, skilling, and training sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Oil & Gas etc. by following a strict pedagogical approach. With their core focus on revolutionizing the existing training methods by cutting down the costs of training and making the training programs more effective using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies, it is very well aligned to the objective of LSSSDC under Skill India mission.

Under the joint partnership with LSSSDC, Simulanis has developed its first in the world Virtual Reality based modules for entire Pharma and Biopharma Manufacturing Plant covering both API and all formulations.

Simulanis has also developed an Augmented Reality based trainer kit for many common manufacturing machines/ equipments, which is the best tool for trainer to showcase his/her students the actual operations of the machine in 3-D animation.

To know more about the offering and innovative solution, please write us on SACHIN.SACHDEVA@LSSSDC.IN or ANSHUL.SAXENA@LSSSDC.IN